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Paul, 08 May 2021


Paul, 17 Apr 2021

Delivered in great time but you missed the mushrooms off the pizza! That’s the best not!!!

Jessica, 15 Apr 2021

lovely food, good value for money, very good service. If you order at the weekend expect a long wait but we mostly order in the week and delivery is always prompt. Can't complain at all

Chris, 14 Apr 2021

cant go wrong

James, 27 Mar 2021


Paul, 19 Mar 2021

Never had a bad meal yet

Tony, 25 Feb 2021

Not had a bad meal yet, don’t let us down!

Tony, 16 Feb 2021

  Reply : Why should we :)


Paul, 06 Feb 2021

Amazing food, best takeaway in middlewich

Anika, 03 Feb 2021

Spot on as always

James, 28 Jan 2021

Great food, great service

Paul, 23 Jan 2021

Not delivered on time 1 hour 10 mins and can’t seem to make it

Liam, 23 Jan 2021


Paul, 23 Jan 2021

Ordered a side box which didn’t have any onion rings inside (4 should of been included)

Julia, 21 Jan 2021

Good food thanks.

Jayne, 20 Jan 2021

Very good

Linsey, 18 Jan 2021

Great food

Chris, 16 Jan 2021

Hi Please do not leave food outside on the ground, knocking & going is rude.

Julie , 16 Jan 2021

  Reply : If required leave the food outside than we leave otherwise not

Arrived within the time slot, food was very nice.

Alex, 16 Jan 2021


Audrius Kacinskas, 12 Jan 2021

I love fantastic pizza, I may not be a big fan of their pizza but they have many other things to eat, they have many things on their menu and they are all very nice, the service speed is an hour to 2 hours and they would only be a max of 15 mins late if they are even late at all, I would defiantly rate this 4 stars

Hannah, 09 Jan 2021


Kim, 06 Jan 2021

Very easy menu to use, always been great service when I’ve had from them before

Alex, 05 Jan 2021


Liv, 02 Jan 2021

all great

Chris, 01 Jan 2021